Myths About Buying Refurbished Computers

Posted by Bipan Verma on

If you’ve ever shopped for tech items, you must have heard the term ‘refurbished.’ This term is used for the products that come from the manufacturing companies after repair, but have the valid warrantee period, just like the new ones. Many people have the confusion about new, used and refurbished items.

And many believe in the misconceptions about refurbished computers. Let’s talk about the few ones here:

It was once defective – Refurbished computers are the ones that are returned by buyers using 30-days return policy, but not always are defected. Sometimes buyers get better deals or sometimes they’re not happy with its configuration.

They’re not guaranteed – It’s the biggest myth. All the refurbished computers come with additional manufacturer guarantee, just like the new ones. Some companies offer 90-days guarantee while others have 1 year guarantee period on the refurbished computers. Consumers also have an option to protect their refurbished item with an extended warranty of up to three years.

They’re only for schools, libraries – Many big brands, who know the technology better, use refurbished computers for their professional use. In fact, some companies save fortunes by investing in these computers as they are available at nearly half prices.

So the next time someone tells you that buying refurbished computers can be a bad deal, let them know about the myths and the facts that make buying these gadgets a great choice, for personal as well as professional use. Make sure to buy with a trusted platform.


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